Top 3 Best Crypto Exchange Platform in the World

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Investing in Bitcoin is all the rage but how exactly does a beginner get started?

Do you need to already have Bitcoin to invest?

Or do you transfer money from your bank account to somewhere and convert it to Bitcoin? What does that look like?

We’ll answer all of these questions and list 10 of the best cryptocurrency exchanges and platforms that allow you to buy Bitcoin and other tokens.

Going forward, we’ll use BTC, which is the symbol for Bitcoin on exchanges and trading platforms.

If you just want to earn a high return with crypto, you might consider a crypto savings account. These accounts pay up to 12%, but do come with risks (just like regular crypto investing). Check out the best cryptocurrency savings accounts here.

Best Crypto Exchanges and Investing Platforms

Here is our list of the 10 best cryptocurrency exchanges and investing or trading platforms. The cyrpto offers that appear on this site are from companies from which The College Investor receives compensation. This compensation may impact how and where products appear on this site (including, for example, the order in which they appear). The College Investor does not include all cryptocurrency exchanges or all crypto offers available in the marketplace.

1- BestChange is a trusty cryptocurrency and digital currency exchanger fee monitor that started in 2007 and has evolved since then. In short, using, you will be able to get the best rate on an exchange from a cryptocurrency or digital currency to fiat money or vice versa.

Think, for instance, that you want to exchange some funds from Bitcoin to cash or buy Bitcoin with a credit card. This is done by monitoring 24/7 almost 250 exchangers and 180K exchange rates.

On top of that, you will be able to read reviews, see the balance of all the exchangers or the one that speaks your language or is in a geographical location closer to you.

Besides that, you will be able to rate exchangers, set notifications for available balances, or view statistics about any particular exchanger.

   2. Coinbase

Coinbase is by far the most popular and one of the best cryptocurrency exchanges because you can invest directly with USD. You can currently purchase Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin and 30+ other coins and tokens on the platform. Furthermore, you can earn interest on your USDT, and you can earn token rewards by completing various activities.

Plus, when you open a new Coinbase account, you get a $10 BTC bonus after you trade $100 if you sign up using our link!

  3. Kraken:

Kraken is one of the original crypto trading platforms and they have a good selection of coins and tokens to trade and invest in. They also allow margin trading. However, it’s a real exchange, and not as easy to use as some of the top platforms on this list.

Kraken is one of the few platforms on this list that allow you to trade in DOGE and other, more risky, tokens.

Our Recommendation: BestChange

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