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Are you looking for alternative of Xverify then you are at right page, Here the best alternative of Xverify is


Xverify specializes in email verification software and technology that allows their clients to bulk check each unique email address to make sure the username is registered at the domain. Xverify helps eliminate hard-bounce emails and improves email deliverability. For more information about Xverify’s email list validation service, please visit their website.

With its state of the art technology, Xverify is highly accurate email verification service. Xverify deploys Send Shield technology that ensures the highest level of data protection.  Also, Xverify offers mobile ready JS which prevents “dumb thumbs” on mobile, the auto correction feature is designed to give correct information.

Email Checker is an email verification software and a powerful tool to boost deliverability. It not only detects the spam emails but also efficient in removing all the abusive, temporary addresses and invade domains. It is an easy to use email validator and comes with various pricing plans.

It is one of the best tools to verify all your emails. One of the best features of the Email Checker email verification software is that they allow checking a single email along with validating bulk email by uploading the complete email list.

So before getting into the pros and cons of this email verification tool, let us have a clear understanding of this tools pricing and various offering:

Pricing and Plans

The basic plan starts from $14 for 1000 email verification and goes up to $2499 for 2,500,000 email verification. They offer PAY PER LIST service a unique process that allows them to upload an email list and charge for only checking those emails.

However, Email Checker also offers monthly pricing plans that start from just $10 per 1000 email verification and goes up to $1899 for 2,500,000 email verification in a month. Given below are different pricing plans of the Email Checker:

Conclusion – Best Xverify Alternative

Best Xverify alternative is

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