EmailChecker Review: The Best Email Verification Service In The World

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Do you want to clean up your email list? If yes, then you need a top-quality email verification service. Most of the time our email list contains invalid or fake email addresses. If we the process of email verification is not done then there will be a negative impact of the deliverability rate.

Your bounce rate will increase and it may lead to the account suspension. So the process of email verification is vital for every email marketing campaign.

EmailChecker is one of the best email verification services. It is a trusted solution for your digital marketing needs. Many small and large organization use their email verification service for cleaning their email list.

Their strong data effectiveness instantly detects email accounts are unsafe to send or not and helps you to filter bad emails when you send. It will increase your email deliverability by removing invalid addresses, hard bounces, complaints, spam traps, and disposables.

Your ROI will surely increase with EmailChecker. It saves money by improving the email campaign and increases sender reputation with ISP.

What Is

EmailChecker is one of best email verification service. It is also one of the most trusted services to verify emails. With it, you don’t need to worry about deliverability as they email deliverability percentage is 99.9. They have a drag & drop interface that ley you to simply upload your email list for immediate cleaning.

It ensures that an email address is correct and active in real-time without ever needing to send a message. Their email verification API can easily be deployed to all types of websites and applications.


Syntax & Format Checking: Syntax and format checking ensures that the email meets certain basic criteria such as whether it contains the ‘@’ symbol within the email address.

Domain Checking: Domain checking ensures that the email address contains a valid internet domain name, and validates if the featured domain is configured to accept mail.

Mailbox Checking: This function checks that the address segment before the ‘@’ sign is a valid mailbox. This is the clever part, and what sets our service apart from many others.

B2B VERIFICATION: They have a custom-built B2B cloud platform which is designed for speed, our custom-built B2B list cleaning platform is uniquely designed to handle the many specialist requirements of B2B email list cleaning.

Yahoo Verification: They offer an “extreme” Yahoo (and Email) option in our Real-Time API for the best possible accuracy. Other well-known verification services struggle to provide accurate Yahoo verification (but won’t admit it!).

Fast Verification: Their Email Checker platform offers a ‘fast Verification’ email verification feature whereby you can check and verify a single email address instantly within your Email Checker dashboard account.

Integrations: Integrations are another area where we excel, we realize that different clients need different integration options, and sometimes a mix.

Disposable Email Address: Their Disposable Email Address Detection or DEA feature means that their email verification platform at Email Checker detects disposable and temporary email addresses within your database and flags these for your immediate attention to protect your sending and delivery reputation.

Server Uptime: They target a monthly uptime service level agreement (SLA) of 99.9% for our API and Dashboard services. Our services are distributed across Europe, the USA, and South Africa and architected in a resilient and redundant manner to ensure maximum service availability.

Cloud-Based Infrastructure: Their Email Verification platform offers unrivaled coverage and accuracy. All of our email verifications are run from our global data centers using a wide and intelligently distributed network footprint.

Error Correction: The Email Checker API has an optional error correction feature to remove certain common invalid characters such as spaces and slashes which are not part of the conventional email address protocol.

Common Typo Handling: They will also search for common typos and suggest alternatives.


Their pricing structure is simple and highly competitive. They offer a PAY PER LIST service that allows you to upload your email list and pay only for the email checking services required to clean that list.

You can know about their pricing here.


There is no doubt that EmailChecker is an excellent email verification service. If you are looking for an email verification service at low-price with top-quality service then you EmailChecker can be a great option for you. Also, their customer support is available for 24/7.

Surely EmailMarker is a trusted email verification service for your email marketing needs.

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