Binadit Review: Your First Choice for Shared Hosting

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Bloggers and website owners keep on sharing a lot about hosting problems over the internet. To my surprise, even with hundreds of hosting service providers, there are issues of erratic hosting plans with non-transparent pricing.

On the name of cheap prices, hosting providers compromise with website loading times even after the promise of adequate speed. 

It is a harsh reality when people share about their hosting service providers charge money for services like SSL certificates and migration while it is provided free by genuine companies.

About Binadit:

binadit is a hosting provider specialized in high performance hosting solutions. Many cheap VPS provider give a lot of memory and cores for a low price with terrible harddisk (IO) performance. We offer guaranteed IO speed vps hosting. (100MB p/s or higher!) We are also specialized in Fully Managed Linux servers for a low price. All Fully Managed servers include: – Daily backup with 8 day retention – Monitoring with sms alerts – 99,9% uptime – Monthly reports – SLA Platinum – English and Dutch support by phone or email. Their offerings include Shared, VPS, and Dedicated Hosting, each being subsequently divided into multiple plans that cater to different budgets and hosting needs.

Who Should Buy binadit

This section gives you clear advice on how to know if binadit shared hosting is the right fit for you, which binadit plan to choose if so, and what to buy instead if not.


Binadit is the best WordPress shared host: not just good, but literally better than all others.

If you want shared hosting for a WordPress site, binadit is your best choice. Our own years-long experience as described in this review, plus thousands of real, unbiased customer reviews of all major WordPress hosts, all confirm the same thing: binadit is the single best shared host for WordPress.

We don’t mean that binadit is “good” shared hosting, we literally mean “better than all others.” This WordPress shared hosting user satisfaction level is very high.


Security is the topmost priority, not only Google penalizes the malicious sites but you lose trust of your audience. 

On the security front, the binadit team does not give you any chance to worry about getting hacked or your website getting infested by malicious codes. They are serious about security issues. 

You can sleep without worrying about your website security. Because binadit secures their servers with the frequent update of server kernel, control panel, firewall and services.

Great Customer Support Team

You might not always need to get in touch with your hosting company support team. But, when you do run into an issue that needs solving or have a question that needs answering, you want their support team to be speedy and helpful.

Binadit achieves on both of these fronts, and a lot more.

Binadit support is one of the best in the hosting game. For starters, they respond to support requests incredibly quickly. Whether you’re reaching out to support via live chat or phone, you’ll experience zero wait time. If you prefer to reach out to support via email, then your maximum response time will be 10 minutes.


Till date, I am loving the services provided by binadit hosting. With CDN integration and Super caching feature, you can easily host your growing website (up to 200K traffic) on their highest shared binadit plan. 

I am a super fan of their transparency in pricing and disclosing usage upfront. Plus they are the front runners when it comes to adopting the latest technologies for better speed and safe websites.

Binadit honors time and their customer support is top-class. All of which goes to show how they value their customers and speak about their support commitments.   

There are some initial setup fees for a one-month trial account. But I do not think anyone goes for a trial account when you have lots of free services like SSL, CDN integration, backup, migration and support available with the regular plans. 

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